Copyediting is a craft that focuses on the mechanics of writing. Rules and styles are enforced to help enhance the consistency and quality of your work. Professional copyediting requires in-depth editorial knowledge, insight, and sound judgment. Mash Island's copyediting service includes a thorough evaluation of the following:


  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Consistency of editorial style 
  • Clarity of writing for your target audience

  • References and citations 


Proofreading typically happens in the later stages of the publishing process, after a document has been copyedited. I will check for errors in the following areas: 


  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling typos 

  • Usage errors

  • Line breaks

  • Table of contents, appendices, and glossary

  • Layout and formatting

  • References and citations 


Some examples of recent projects include: 


  • Proofreading a report for a forensic psychologist

  • Proofreading a dissertation for a criminal justice scholar

  • Copyediting a policy for a government agency

  • Copyediting a scholarly manuscript before submission to a peer-reviewed journal 

  • Copyediting and developmental editing of a law enforcement training manual for a large urban police department

  • Copyediting a grant proposal for a research institute


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